Pay It Forward

My ten-year-old daughter and I decided to warm up our bellies on this cold March day and headed over to our favorite Pho place.
“How many in your party?” the hostess asked.
“Two,” I responded as they motioned us to sit to the left of the restaurant.
As we walked toward our assigned seat, I noticed a young couple devouring the delicious warm soup noodles were seated next to us.
A few moments after we had been seated, I heard my name to my left. To my pleasant surprise, it was a colleague of mine from our Leadership cohort. I congratulated them on their new baby as well as caught up on a few other pleasantries.
After commenting on how lucky he was to have some family leave of absence, the server asked what we would like to order.
“We will have one order of egg rolls and one small chicken pho,” I said.
My colleague and his wife finished their meal while my daughter and I continued to devour our lunch. We exchanged farewells, and I wished him a well-deserved time with his new baby.
The server came to us and pointed to where my colleague and his wife were seated and announced, “They took care of your lunch.”
Both my daughter and I were shocked at such a kind act. I couldn’t help but announce, “Wait, what!”
I’ve heard of these random acts of kindness done at drive-through restaurants but not at a sit-down restaurant. I looked into my daughter’s eyes and said, “This is inspiring, and we should pay it forward.” She nodded her head and smiled.

7 thoughts on “Pay It Forward”

  1. That was so kind of them! I had never heard of anyone picking up the check like that at a sit-down restaurant until December. Back in December, Ari threw up when I took him and Iz our to lunch. All over himself and the booth and the table. It was everywhere. I was calm, but in over my head since I was walking with a cane. The people at the next table picked up the check since I “had enough to handle.”

    1. Oops! Hit “send” too soon. So, after thanking them profusely, I paid it forward at the Starbucks drive-thru a few days later. Thankfully, that person had a large order so I felt like I paid it forward.

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