That Hill!?

There is a gargantuan hill behind my school. It’s a hill that my coworkers used to climb when they were training to hike Mt. Whitney. I used to be able to traverse through the streets of it just a few years ago. My coworkers and I would talk about our day while making strides up the hill.

Since transferring to this school site, I have yet to make it known that I used to hike it. One day, one of our kindergarten teachers who lifts dead weights asked me, “Have you hiked that hill? It looks good!”

Of course, I had to share that it was my weekly ritual, sometimes twice a week and that maybe we should try it one day. That one day was today! At 3:30, 7 of us gathered in our workout attire at the front of the school and made our way up hill.

“Let’s get to the water towers,” suggested one of them.

We took a straight shot uphill toward the water towers. I don’t remember it feeling like a 90 degree angle, but today it might as well have been. Three of them talked and talked up the hill. One of them even began to walk backwards. I stood back, huffed, caught my breath a few times, and drank water. “Keep going, I’m just taking in the view!” I hollered as they made way to the towers.

Two of us took stock of where we were and where we still need to go. She suggested, we wait there for the rest. As much as my heart was beating out of my chest, I said to her, “No, we have each other. Let’s do this!”

Before we knew it, the water towers met us gloriously at the top and like most things in life, it didn’t matter who was first, who was last, who was in the middle. We all reached the towers and the views made it all worth it. By the way, that’s me waving!

1 thought on “That Hill!?”

  1. Good for you! I love how you wove in the relationships part involved in the hill challenge. And you’re right about the order of finish! Somehow I bet you’re on that hill again soon!

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